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Jamie M. Kizer


Lifting Leaders Group, LLC

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Lifting Leaders Group, LLC was founded by Jamie Kizer in 2021., following a career in higher education.  Before her time in academia, Jamie spent most of her career as an entrepreneur, with six companies under her belt. Through her role as business owner and employer she developed an interest and passion for the topic of Leadership.  That interest led her to earn a Masters in Public Administration and is currently pursuing a DBA with a concentration in Leadership.  Investing in her own leadership development, Jamie also became a Certified Practioner of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile and a Qualified Trainer of Everything DiSC.


Like most people, Jamie has witnessed both great leaders and bad leaders through the years.  She has researched and listened as people shared stories about their workplace cultures, supervisors, and co-workers.  She has watched as millions of people became part of the 'Great Resignation,'  While listening to these stories, Jamie was both inspired and discouraged.  Inspired by hearing stories of outstanding leadership (empowering others, exhibiting high levels of emotional intelligence, and building innovative and dynamic companies/teams.)  But discouraged by the stories of harmful or toxic leadership (micromanaging, lack of transparency, abusive supervision, and exceptionally low morale.)


Those stories and those individuals,prompted Jamie to start Lifting Leaders Group and commit to helping organizations create healthy and inclusive cultures, develop and train their leaders, and ensure a workplace environment that embraces innovation and growth.

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